Diego Ruiz


Stereo Photographer, Product Designer, Stained Glass Artist


Why, “Johnny Five” of course - the name affectionately given to my first custom dual camera rig


People interacting with their environment... especially when there is a historical connection!


“Whatever it takes to get the shot”

Who is this guy?

Diego Ruiz is an award winning 3D photographer living in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. He is a creator of 3D books and imagery, apostle of the trade, and curator of obscure stereoscopy knowledge of the 19th century.

A cultivated style of calculated snapshots, aerial photography, and dreamy closeups have earned a following of hipsters/naturalists/steam punks and children from ages 5 to 95 who have an appreciation for the rebirth of the technology and a desire to have the American experience locked in print for future generations.

I take every opportunity to travel; capturing and conveying the experience of what it means to belong to a land, a community, a family.

Building this visual story requires a number of custom components and repurposed gadgetry which cause me to fall somewhere between mad scientist and Swiss watch maker.  Like the cart of a tinkerer rolling into town, the Stereoscope Journey vehicle clanks and rattles its contents along in search of the next story to be immortalized.

You loved Viewmaster as a child; find out how 3D images can be a vital component of your corporate/nonprofit marketing strategy, document large civic projects, or simply tell the story of what makes your village shine.